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S2 Ep 14 - Counting and saving for materials with Ashley Wright
Getting inspired by other artists and talking about the materials we need vs what we actually use. And as always we chat with the artist about a personal question, is cereal a soup? And the debate goes on!
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S2 Ep 13 - Traveling for art shows, worth it? With Ashley Wright
Saving money when it comes to art shows, taking time to do the logistics of traveling for an art show can be overwhelming with a lot at stake. Do we always recommend it? We can’t say yes or no on your behalf, be we would 100% say to make your homework on is it worth it for you.
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S2 Ep 12 - The craftsmanship of food and drinks with Alycia Shiann
As always we end up talking about the foods we enjoy and our go-to drinks! If you get hungry listening to people talk about food, this is the episode that will make you hungry and will give you some great ideas for food!
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S2 Ep 11 - The progress of large paintings with Alycia Shiann
The progression of painting portraits of others and commissions to new paintings of my self expression. You have to balance the work to make sure you don’t lose your focus or desire to continue working on a painting and not want to throw it away and start over from scratch, which is something we all deal with at times.
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S2 Ep 10 - The movies that could have been and the mustaches of Tombstone with Danny Moscoso
How would movies have been with different actors and how that would have changed our lives. From actors dropping off or rewrites being made, it's very interesting to know what could have been, but on the flip side the final film made we could not have believed it could be any other way! Plus the mustaches of Tombstone!
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S2 Ep 9 - Growing as an artists and a focus to achieve goals with Danny Moscoso
Where do we come from? The family we come from can influence our loves for art and culture, especially learning to appreciate it and celebrate it in our own ways. As we grow as artists we should always strive to improve our skills as well as the materials we use, plus we get interrupted by the pizza delivery guy! Enjoy!
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Special On Location Podcast at the LA Art Show
On this special episode we chat with 3 artists whose work captivated us and I hope their stories inspire you to continue creating! 
The first artist is Zelene Jiang Schlosberg a Chinese artists who currently resides in Chicago, and her work is a unique take similar to paper cutouts, but instead of cutting paper she cuts the canvas itself and layers 2 canvases on top of eachother to add a dynamic element to her work. 
The second artist is Luis Fuentes from Peru, using custom made canvases his oil perspective landscape work really transports you into a state of tranquility. 
The third artist is Jioh Choi a Korean artist that mixes symbolism and materials like mother pearl and swarovski crystals in a way to tell an emotional story. 
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Zelene Jiang Schlosberg 
Luis Fuentes 
Diverso Art Gallery 
Jioh Choi 
EK Gallery 
S2 Ep 8 - Soups and cereals, controversial concepts of life with Alex Diffin
If a hotdog is a sandwich would that convey the idea that cereal is a soup? Ideas inside ideas that have no meaning yet they keep us up at night.
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S2 Ep 7 - Let's talk about burnout with Alex Diffin
How can you deal with burnout? We chat with Alex about having to deal with the overwhelming pressure of project management, but still wanting to add more projects into the mix!
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S2 Ep 6 - As an artist, what is Carlos Hernandez's favorite vegetable?
Do you enjoy onions? I dont know how the conversation started but we talk about onions, music and life in general!
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S2 Ep 5 - Let's make some resin sculptures with Carlos Hernandez
We chat about creating, sculpting and making toys! the tedious skills to make it all happen, but the hard work always pays off!
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S2 Ep4 - Avoid eating carrots? With Bobby Smith
Welcome to the cooking section of the show haha we start talking about our favorite foods and how they influence us. We like food and enjoy the process of cooking and the satisfaction of doing it.
S2 Ep3 - The films that inspired the filming of Robert Christopher Smith’s films
Having known Robert for many years we get to chit-chat about the films we have worked together, Vengeance Turns Vol.1 & Vol.2, and the journey from paper to the silver screen. Having the courage to be your own voice and true to yourself, which can be the hardest for artists because of the vulnerability to be authentic.
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S2 Ep2 - The plans of 2024 and the troubleshooting along the way with ARYSTUDIO
We are excited to share some behind the scenes of the show, the new set, the new format, and some troubleshooting we had to do. How we have to think on the fly to resolve some video issues and how we deal with the ambiance of recording outdoors! As well as a new painting project that ARYSTUDIO will be making throughout the year hoping to be completed before the year ends.
S2 Ep1 - The beginning of Season 2 with ARYSTUDIO
On This episode we chat about the new Season of the LA Artist Podcast and remember some good times we had with Season 1. With so much to look forward to we can say this new season will bring lots of new conversations with more artists, as well as, musicians, filmmakers, designers, performance artists and more!
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